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Donating to the Haiti Projects Herb Nordmeyer is associated with


Mission: Haiti


Office address           Mission:Haiti
2269 University Dr. #227
Davie FL 33324

EIN #                          59-3599396.

Mission: Haiti is an IRS recognized 501 (c)3 non-profit organization.



Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Email address 
Shirley Yoakum, Treasurer

Church address:       Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
6914 Wurzbach Road
San Antonio, TX  78240

Hurricane Matthew

All of you have heard about Hurricane Matthew. It is the 3rd strongest Hurricane on record  to hit Haiti. Devastation is the only word to describe what has happened. We have been in contact with Lophane (the man with the white cap on the cover of Homes for Jubilee) and he has been in contact with a few of the places we work.

On October 7 I will leave to join a small team to access the needs of the people. I will not have time to get a haircut before I leave. Do you think my Haitian brothers and sisters will mind?

How can I help?

People are often asking me where help is needed in Haiti and where they can donate. The answer to the first question is all over and I have no list of every place help is needed in Haiti.

Click on this link    2016-06-18-You can be a missionary

It provides information concerning things I am working on or things which my associates are working on. It is 6 pages long.  As one pastor said, “Everything is needed, but only a few will read this “book” to the end.” Over the next several months, I will break out sections into bite sized pieces and send them out.

Meanwhile, If you are involved with a church or organization, go to the last paragraph and follow those directions.


Homes for Jubilee has been published.


After several years of development work and field trials, Homes for Jubilee has been published.  At this time I wish to thank all of have helped make this possible, even the man who calls me Don Quixote because he believes I have taken on an impossible task.

2016-05-16-Homes for Jubilee Front cover - draft

Here is the back cover.

2016-05-16-back cover final

It is available at and shortly will be available on line at

March 2016 trip to Haiti

The trip was long and hard and I got home a few minutes after midnight on Easter morning. Judy had me up and I made the 8:00 am service (she was singing). The pastor did not complain about my snoring.

Finally I got my report written. Since It was so long, I broke it into 3 reports. Part of the time during March was doing forensic analyses of two sites which had this kind of problem. My team learned one thing during those inspections. When I said, “Look up.” they should run.


Report 1 which covered everything except for Jubilee and the Faith Lutheran Orphanage in Gonaives.   2016-05-10-Concrete Report – March trip- Everything else

Report 2 covered the work in Jubilee.    2016-05-16-Concrete Report – March trip- Jubilee

Report 3 covered the work at Faith Lutheran Orphanage in Gonaives   2016-05-17-Concrete Report – March trip- The Orphanage


Pouring the slab for the Candice Dominguez Dorm in Gonaives, Haiti


The Video identified as Candice 0 shows the pouring of the slab for the Candice Dominguez Dormitory at the Faith Lutheran Orphanage in Gonaives, Haiti. Candice has been to the orphanage many times and is greatly loved. Currently she is fighting stage 3 breast cancer. Wheelbarrows were available, but the team preferred to move the concrete with buckets.


The Candice 1 video shows orphans carving Candice’s initials in the slab and signing their names with help from Lophane Laurent who makes our work in Haiti possible.


The Candice 2 video shows the results of the orphans handy work.



Is a short term mission/service team for you?

First off, it is not for everyone. Some people can do more good by staying at home.

To make the commitment like I do, or like Helen Roenfeldt, you must have a special family supporting you. The link below takes you to an article which Helen wrote. Before you get talked into going, or before you talk yourself into going, read the article and pray for guidance.


2016-04-18-Short term missions-Is it for you

Presentations concerning Haiti

Between now and June 5, Candice Dominguez and I will be giving a presentation concerning our work in Haiti at three churches, Kerrville, TX, Harlingen, TX, and Uvalde, TX.  If you are interested, click on a link below.

2016-04-15-Learn about Haiti – Trinity

2016-04-15-Learn about Haiti – Hosanna

2016-04-19-Learn about Haiti – St Paul – Halringen

If you would like us to present to your church or group, let us know and we will see if we can make the arrangements.


The problem with chlorides


Concrete can be made with sea water and the chlorides will not harm it, it it will harm the steel that is in the concrete and associated with the concrete. This photo is of a ceiling which is deteriorating due to the use of brackish, yet drinkable, water when it was installed about 15 years ago. The rebar broke when I touched it.

Concrete 5

Attached is a report which addresses why this is a serious problem.

2016-04-06-Chlorides and rebar