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My most important job in Haiti


While I go to Haiti to help build the infrastructure, I often wonder if that is my most important job. Sitting in church one day in Jubilee, a young man could not get in the door, so he came through the wall.  After he got into the church, he crawled into my lap.



On another occasion, after the church in Jubilee was remodeled with a roof and walls rather than a tarp and woven palm leaves,  I had 6 children try to climb into my lap at the same time. This was after I had been introduced to the congregation and admitted that I was a Grandpa. I could not take a Selfie with 6, but here is one with just one young lady. You will notice that I am wearing a tie. Some of my relatives have never seen me wear a tie, but in Haiti, people put on their best to go to church, so I wear a tie.



When I could not work on the Homes for Jubilee project, I volunteered to help with a medical clinic. I ended up with this young lady crawling into my lap and staying for about  two hours. I never found out who her parents were or where she came from.




2014-08-28-29-Haiti 089-rs

One day at Faith Lutheran Orphanage in Gonaives, Sylvia suggested we take a photo of me with my granddaughters. She did not have a problem recruiting granddaughters for me. Candice the team leader for our group is on my right. Sylvia, who came along to ensure I did not over do things is on my left, and Sophanie, one of our translators is on Sylvia’s left.