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A Little Delay



When I was 50-some years younger, young men always cringed when they received a letter that started in that manner. That is how the Selective Service addressed their letters. This letter is not as bad as a draft notice in time of war.

We plan, but I think that sometimes God has a good laugh. On Saturday, April 18, I head to Haiti to build. On Thursday morning, about 9:30, I learned that our shipment, which barely missed the April 1 ship, has also missed the April 15 ship. It seems that the paperwork stating that the freight bill had gotten paid got lost between the two dates. We even have a receipt for having paid the freight bill. So my ship sailed, and I was not on it.

Suddenly I understand a friend’s comment: I would rather be audited by an IRS agent with an ingrown toenail than to be involved in international shipping.

A TV crew was interested in interviewing me, but that has been delayed also. Maybe I will have time to get a haircut before that happens. With so much going on, I never got the haircut that was on my agenda for this week.

We are setting up a new construction date, which will probably be combined with the Shepherd of the Hills Short-Term Mission Trip in July. I know of a few of my fellow church members who are going to have mixed emotions. Sorry for the delay, but excited that they will be able to participate. The Bible encourages us to be thankful under all circumstances, so I am working at making this delay a blessing.

On Thursday morning, I finished the English draft of Homes For Jubilee, except for a few drawings I will be inserting. Before this trip is over, I plan to have the book translated into Haitian Creole, and formatted for publication. (These are my plans, but we need to wait and see what God’s plans are.) My cover designer is working on the cover, and he is volunteering his services. The mock-up on the left is one I did. Ryan can do a much better job. 2015-04-07-Homes for Jubilee Mock-up - rs

Meanwhile, the printing company I’ll be using has waived the set-up fee for the title ($150 per version of the book). Within a month, we hope have the Haitian Creole version of Homes For Jubilee.

When we get the Haitian Creole draft, we will have a meeting with the Mayor of Gonaives. He is writing the Introduction, and it will help if he can read the book before he writes the Introduction.

I’ll spend time with the Jubilee Committee and answer any questions they may have. Pastor Benoit will probably arrange for me to teach a class or two. If there is not anything else for me to do, I can always join one of the medical missions and model dresses that are given to the little girls who come to get their worm medicine.  One of my friends asked recently if a photo was ever taken of me without a beautiful young lady in it. I try my best not to have such photos taken. IMG_0900-rs

For all who have been supporting this project, please know that even though we have had a delay, we will proceed and get results. Please keep the project in your prayers.

Soon my Haitian students will be able to build these homes without my being present. I could ask what I will be doing with all of my time, but I am sure Pastor Benoit will have more than enough impossible challenges to keep me busy.