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January 2016 update

I did not go to Haiti as planned in January. Due to the Lutheran Church of Haiti and Pastor Benoit spending so much time on trying to get him elected to the Federal Senate, some things got delayed, such as planning for the teams which were hoping to come to Gonaives in January. Since I hook up with these teams to keep costs low, I chose not to go. If I would have gone, with having to hire a vehicle, a driver, a translator, and security, the costs would have been about $7,000 per week rather than $1,400 per week.

Now, things have been arranged so I will be joining a team in March. and staying for about two weeks. With the first set of plans, we would have been returning on Easter Sunday (see, we can fail to plan adequately also) . On that trip we will build at least one home in Jubilee, prepare for building a Girls’ dorm  at the Faith Lutheran Orphanage in Gonaives (actual building is scheduled for May), examine a building from the 1950s that is being considered for an orphanage, and various other tasks.

Homes for Jubilee is nearly complete. David South is writing the introduction for the English Version. Now we need to get the cover designed and it is ready for publishing. The Haitian Creole version still lacks about two pages of translation and we need to determine whether to use David South’s introduction for that version or have an introduction written by a Haitian.

September was a very hard month, so in October I did not get much accomplished. I had planned on writing a full report concerning the September trip, but as most of you noticed, I did not get that done. I did write a brief update.

In November I started building a scaffold based on a concept by Van Smith. It is nearly finished and will need to be shipped to Haiti in February.

In December I needed a vacation, so I started listing my failures. Several years ago Jack Canfield told me that to be a success I needed to list my successes, but I tend to be contrary. I got to 150 major failures before I was rested enough to get back to work. Friends have been encouraging me to write a book – Failing my way to Success.