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How can I help?

People are often asking me where help is needed in Haiti and where they can donate. The answer to the first question is all over and I have no list of every place help is needed in Haiti.

Click on this link    2016-06-18-You can be a missionary

It provides information concerning things I am working on or things which my associates are working on. It is 6 pages long.  As one pastor said, “Everything is needed, but only a few will read this “book” to the end.” Over the next several months, I will break out sections into bite sized pieces and send them out.

Meanwhile, If you are involved with a church or organization, go to the last paragraph and follow those directions.


Homes for Jubilee has been published.


After several years of development work and field trials, Homes for Jubilee has been published.  At this time I wish to thank all of have helped make this possible, even the man who calls me Don Quixote because he believes I have taken on an impossible task.

2016-05-16-Homes for Jubilee Front cover - draft

Here is the back cover.

2016-05-16-back cover final

It is available at and shortly will be available on line at