Home from Haiti

Made it home. The trip was long, hard, successful, and had some very delightful experiences. I’m running behind in getting everything down in my daily log of the trip. It is currently 35 pages long.

On the trip we had Helen Roenfeldt, Scott Conover, Dave Vangsness and myself, as well as the Haitian team of Lophane, Noel,  Benjamin.  Bazole, and Roshnel.  We are training a crew from Jubilee to build ultra-low-cost earthquake- and hurricane-resistant homes.

Over the next several days I need to write a several reports. Besides the main report, there will be a report on two orphanages were I was able to break half inch rebar with my hands. Apparently I am much stronger than I thought I was. Can you picture the thoughts which went through my head when I broke the rebar that was keeping the concrete above my head from collapsing?

On the flight from Dallas to San Antonio, I was upgraded to first class, but missed out on the first class experience because I slept through it. They had to wake me up in San Antonio so I could deplane, and kept wanting to know if I wanted a wheelchair.

Now, I need someone to keep me awake during the sermon this morning. Judy will be singing in the choir. Craig Cannon says that if he mentioned my need to some of my granddaughters (a plethora of young ladies have adopted me as their grandpa)  at least one would bring me a pillow and another would tell the pastor to speak softer so as not to disturb me.

I suspect I will not get the Sunday paper read today.

Within a day or two, I will post the first of several reports on this trip.

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