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In 2010, The Cement Trust published a blog which addresses one of the major issues in Haiti, and for that matter in many third world countries – Death by a Thousand Shovels.

The work that Herb does in Haiti is through Mission Haiti.   They also have a Facebook page.

Herb is a member of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in San Antonio, TX. Many of the members support his work in Haiti.

Much of the work Herb is doing in Haiti is based on work by David South, President of the Monolithic Dome Institute. During a recent conversation between David and Herb, Herb asked a question about a possible way to address a problem. David grinned and said, “If I had thought about that solution, I would have chased it.”


“Joe” Warnes is one of the world’s leading experts in Disaster Resistant housing. An article he wrote for the November, 2008, edition of the ACI Concrete International Magazine can be found at:

If you seriously want to learn about disaster-resistant construction, you need to spend time in on the website that Joe Warnes and Ken Luttrell developed.


People often ask why I go to Haiti. Follow this link to a presentation which explains it much better than I can explain it. Pleas watch it.



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