Regularly I’m asked about the Homes for Jubilee project and how a person can help. While I have concentrated on the technical aspect of Homes for Jubilee, I have often neglected the need for funds to help support the project. This results in me reaching into my retirement funds to temporarily keep the project going until someone else can raise some funds.

I have also been asked for a non-technical explanation as to what Homes for Jubilee is all about. I suspect I bore many people when I talk about why I am using a product made from lava rock to reinforce concrete rather than using steel rebar. For those who have not heard me on that subject, I can talk for hours without ever repeating myself.

By clicking on this link 2015-08-24-Homes for Jubilee summary you will find a five page report which gives an explanation of what we are doing and provides several ways you may donate, if you wish to donate to support the project.

One of my brothers-in-law says he is going to donate to my consulting company and specify he is hiring me to work for ten hours on the Homes for Jubilee project at a pay rate of $1.00 per hour. So far, I have not seen any documentation, so I think he is just trying to get a rise out of me, but I will be glad to take his ten dollars and it for a good cause.

By clicking on 2015-10-20 Homes for Haiti update you will find a current update of the project.

Heidi Clark recently started a fund raising effort to help pay for my travel expenses.  You can get to the page by going to


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