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Haiti’s governmental crisis is ending

With the presidential election challenged and with the runoff canceled twice, Haiti was in crisis.

The electoral commission resigned.

The Prime Minister resigned.

By constitutional mandate, the president left office on Feb. 7.

The Parliament was charged with appointing an interim president who would be charged with scheduling and holding a presidential election.

Parliament has acted and has chosen Jocelerme Privert as the interim president. He was inaugurated on Sunday, Feb. 14, 2016. Many feel that he is one of the few people in Haiti who can work through the mess and resolve the issues.

Here is an article in the Miami Herald about Privert.

Currently there is a calm in Haiti as President Privert takes on the leadership of Haiti and he lays out plans for an elected government that has the confidence of the people of Haiti.

This week I bought tickets so I can head back to Haiti. Needless to say, I will have a full agenda while in Haiti this time.