Hurricane Matthew

All of you have heard about Hurricane Matthew. It is the 3rd strongest Hurricane on record  to hit Haiti. Devastation is the only word to describe what has happened. We have been in contact with Lophane (the man with the white cap on the cover of Homes for Jubilee) and he has been in contact with a few of the places we work.

On October 7 I will leave to join a small team to access the needs of the people. I will not have time to get a haircut before I leave. Do you think my Haitian brothers and sisters will mind?

One thought on “Hurricane Matthew

  1. Herb Nordmeyer

    Death and destruction in parts of Haiti. 80% of Haiti was spared. This was not a trip I wanted to take, but it was a trip that was needed. Originally I agreed to stay a week, but ended up staying two weeks,


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