Concrete Reports – 2016

We will be headed back to Haiti in March, 2016. The link is a document I developed for our church. They wanted a one page agenda of what we would be doing on this trip. Condensing 5 pages down to one page with photos was difficult.

March Agenda In Haiti

As you can see, we will be busy.


We returned from the trip and it took two months to write the reports and then I never posted them on this website. Here they are.


March, 2016, in Jubilee

2016-05-16-Concrete Report – March trip- Jubilee


March, 2016 at Faith Lutheran Orphanage in Gonaives

2016-05-17-Concrete Report – March trip- The Orphanage


Then we did other things in March so all of that was placed into a third report.

2016-05-10-Concrete Report – March trip- Everything else


We published Homes for Jubilee in June, 2016.

We went back in July, 2016. Candice Dominguez could not go because of cancer treatment and Craig Cannon could not go because of a job change so the very ancient Herb Nordmeyer was the team leader. The team consisted of one 22 year old man and five 18 to 23 year old young ladies. We did a quick report concerning that trip and it is posted here.

2016-07-16-Quick Report


The Boys’ Dorm had been condemned in March, 2016, and we had been informed that it had been taken out of service. When we got there we found that it was still in service.

2016-08-11-Boys’ Dorm Report as of July 2016


We published Kay pou Jubilee in August, 2016.

We had planned on going to Haiti in September to build the Candice Dominguez Girls’ Dorm but we had to cancel the trip.

In October, 2016, Hurricane Matthew sat off the southern coast of Haiti and grew. It then slowly moved up the west coast of Haiti and grew larger.  Finally it had a diameter of about 700 miles.  Very little of Haiti was not impacted by the storm. On Tuesday evening a decision was made that I needed to Join Helen Roenfeldt with Mission: Haiti to access the damage. We landed in Port-au-Prince on Saturday, October 8, 2016. Originally I was to stay for a week and then Helen would be joined by a team from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Harlingen, Texas.   As word got out about the devastation in Haiti, medical team members joined the Texas team.

Originally I was going to head home when the Texas team arrived and start writing reports. Towards the end of the week, a decision was made that I should stay along with the Texas
team and the medical team.  Here is the report concerning those two weeks.

2016-11-04-Report of October 2016 trip to Haiti

As near as I can remember, we skipped November, 2016.

We planned on building the Candice Dominguez Girls’ Dorm in December, 2016, but we needed two weeks to work on it and we did not have two weeks. Additionally we were asked to meet with people from the American University of the Caribbean in Les Cayes concerning me teaching there. We were asked to meet with the mayor of Jacmel concerning teaching and building in Jacmel. There were others who wanted to talk to us, so we made a one week trip and met with a number of different people. Here is the report on those activities.

2016-12-17-Report on December2016 Trip to Haiti

As 2016 ended, plans were in place for me to teach at the American University of the Caribbean in Les Cayes for two weeks in January, to build the Candice Dominguez Girls’ Dorm in February, and to teach a workshop for building contractors in Port-au-Prince in April.