Concrete Reports – 2015

Here is the report I filed prior to the January, 2015 trip.

2015-01-05-Report -Building in Jubilee

Here is the report following my January trip to Haiti.

2015-02-05-Homes for Jubilee

At midnight on Jan. 31, 2015, I got home. At 9:30 on Sunday morning, Feb. 1, I was asked to give a 5-minute report to the Bible Class at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church. My 5-minute report lasted about 25-minutes.  Hopefully this report is a little better organized than my verbal report.

Here is the report with my April 2015 trip to Haiti

2015-04-16- A little delay

We spent two weeks in Haiti in April. The first week I was hooked up with a medical mission team, and the second week I was hooked up with a group from Waterman’s Hospital. They were involved in medical work and in construction. Here is the report following my April 2015 trip.

2015-05-14-Concrete Report

We planned on going back in July, but the Mayor of Gonaives asked that we return in June to complete the first home, so we came back for two weeks in June. Here is the report.

Concrete Report July 11, 2015

Our June trip had a major surprise. The Airform we attached was to big for the slab, so we could not complete the two homes we planned on completing so we worked on installing slabs. Here is the report for that two week trip.

Concrete Report July 11, 2015

My home church was taking a trip to Haiti in July, so I joined with them. That trip was for one week, but I had made arrangement so I could spend a second week in Haiti if needed. American Airlines expedited a shipment of a replacement dome to us so it would arrive when we arrived. After getting lost, it was expedited to Brazil. We ended up leaving before the Airform arrived. Several of the team working with me worked on the water system for the Faith Lutheran Church Orphanage. It had not worked for over a year and several groups had worked on it. They got it working. The Orphans are convinced we had a very successful trip. Here is the report for the July trip.

2015-08-03-Concrete Report

Now that we have the Airform, we are headed back to Haiti in early September to install two domes. During that time, the crew will be trained to install domes without my being present. After I leave, they will continue to install dome. We have enough supplies in Haiti for building 5 domes at the moment.


Currently I’m preparing a shipment which will allow the building of 5 more domes.


2015-10-20 Homes for Haiti update

Here is an update which gives a summary of where we have been and what we have accomplished. Feel free to pass it along to anyone who may be interested.

2015-10-23-Concrete Report – September trip

Here is the report for the September, 2015 trip. We spent three weeks in Haiti and it was hot and humid. When I got back I got the report written, sent to those on my mailing list, and then took October off. November I caught up on other work.  So, I am finally getting this uploaded to the website in Feb. 2016.  Within a few weeks I will be headed back to Haiti.







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