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Stairs at a guest house

Stairs at a guest house

Termites are a serious problem in Haiti

Termites are a serious problem in Haiti

This website is a work in progress and will be a work in progress for quite some time. It all started when Pastor Benoit, President of the Lutheran Church of Haiti invited me to move to Haiti for 10 years and develop a construction industry which would help support the church. Even though I turned him down repeatedly, he never got the message. As a result, I agreed to go to Haiti 4 times per year as long as my finances and health held up.


The work I do, is not in isolation. When I go to Haiti, I accompany a team that Mission: Haiti has put together. There are team members who probably cannot spell cement, but they can lead eye clinics, vacation Bible schools, develop gardens at orphanages, and numerous other things. In other words, they have specific goals which they try to achieve..

When I need information, I have a team of experts here in the US to help me. When I am in Haiti, I have contractors who are teaching me the Haitian culture and why things are done as they are done.  So, I am just a little cog in a large organization.

Each of my reports will be posted here. There will be photos. There will be links.

If you are interested in helping in Haiti, whether it is going there yourself, or providing monetary support, I may be able to help direct you to the right organization or person, to help you.


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  1. Al Gabriel

    I am interested in volunteering during my upcoming trip this May. I have over 9 years experience with home reno/remod and have participated in a number of Habitat for Humanity construction projects. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.


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